1/1 Unique NFTs

Thanks to a procedural workflow, every bike will get its own unique combination of traits, ensuring its uniqueness.

High End Artworks

With a 8 years background in the design field, we took time to make sure every details are just like we want them to be. We prioritized quality over speed.

140+ Properties in 10 different categories

With a trillion of different combinations, we can guarantee all bikes will have their own character.


Cycl:R is not just another avatar project. We want our members to be able to play with the bikes, and earn rewards along the way.


Blockchain is usually associated to bad environmental issues. That's one of the reasons we decided to launch on Cardano, which has a very low energy requirement, on top of funding reforestation programs.

PFP Airdrop

We secretely worked on a PFP series that will be airdropped to our token holders exclusively. You can't buy the Rid:Rz, you can only get them from the airdrop. 
Oh, and you should also know that the Rid:R PFP will match your bike!


Meet the team

Thomas and Romain Pomarelle have known each other since forever. Blood brothers and best friends in life, we were already looking to put our talents together when we both started in the creative business 8 years ago. Nowadays, we're focused on 3D and motion design, and we're constantly looking for ways to improve. This quest for perfection has led us to work with various clients such as Chanel, Hermes, Adidas, Google or even Moncler. Yet this project is the biggest adventure we have undertaken!


Artistic director and 3D wizard. NFT artist and creator of the Grolar Playground project.
Little Brother


2D / 3D motion designer. NFT artist. Life poet and happy father.
Big Brother

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